Top Pop Producers of 2014

Thus far, 2014 has been a solid year for popular music. It is no secret that the airwaves have been ruled, once again by Dr. Luke and DJ Mustard. But the year isn’t finished and we have the intel.

We have yet to hear Drake’s forthcoming album which will be produced by Noah “40″ Shebib, but we can only imagine it is going to be another chart smasher. We are very excited about One Direction‘s new collection of songs, penned and crafted by Julian Bunetta. Speaking of Julian Bunetta, Fifth Harmony is making their way with their second release. Contributing singles are PJ Bianco (Jonas Brothers, BC Jean), Beau Dozier (Ariana Grande, Jojo) and DJ Mustard (Chris Brown, Lil Wayne).

The predictions are in and based solely on the gravitas and sales of the forthcoming projects, here our are results for the Top Pop Producers of 2014:

1. Dr. Luke

2. DJ Mustard

3. Mike Will Made It

4. Noah “40″ Shebib

5. Pharrel

6. Julian Bunetta

7. Beau Dozier

8. PJ Bianco

9. Hit-Boy

10. Mark Ronson

Let the records play, Let the records break! Happy Summer!

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