“Beau Dozier is a Genius” says Jay-Z


” I fucks with Beau, hard. And the world bout to feel that shit”. The Jigga man himself has no qualms about it.

Beau Dozier is a genius. I’ve never see somebody so young with an ensemble of musical instruments he commands. Do you know?? Do you know he made over 40 million with all them little acts he signed? 40 million! Them aint playtime numbers, b. My man over here turnt up! The boy comes in and he does his thing!” Jay-Z exclaimed, overjoyed as he pressed play on the new track they were working on for the as-yet Untitled Jay-Z and Beyonce album.

The 808 starts to rumble and you can see the energy radiate off of everybody. “You ready?” Jay asks. Then that sick bass line drops, we can just tell the bomb is about to go off then (long pause..then) BOOM!! The beat is incredible!

“Turn it off.” Jigga laughs. “That’s all you get. Turn it off.”

Hov leaves the room with his classic Hov smirk and we just sit there like “Was that about to happen?

Beau Dozier laughs and jumps back on the keyboard. One thing is for sure the vibe is right inhere. The vibe is right.


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