Kanye West, Beau Dozier & Detail to Produce Beyonce



While the details have been thoroughly kept under wraps, witnesses have confirmed Kanye West, Beau Dozier and Detail to be the main producers of Beyonce‘s newest work. Jay-Z shocked the world when hinting at pregnancy rumors by changing his lyrics to numerous songs during their On The Run Tour. While none of the usual suspects, as far as executives can be reached for comment, Beyonce has been seen numerous times at The Record Plant Recording Studio with writer/producer Beau Dozier and on other occasions with writer/producer/artist Kanye West and “Drunk In Love” Producer Detail.

The rumors are exclaiming, there is a mega-album in the works but I guess we will just have to be “surprised” when it is released. Detail‘s solo effort is still slated for a fourth quarter release while the industry is buzzing with numerous releases from Beau Dozier including Ariana Grande and Fifth Harmony.


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